• DJ Construction of companies
  • DJ Construction of companies

About DJ Industries

DJ Industries - DJ Constructions is a manufacturer and distributor of ladders, scaffolding and specialty items. Our products has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service in the industry.

With an impressive product portfolio that includes everything from step ladders to suspended platforms, we are confident in our ability to provide a solution to access any height. We specialize in mobile work platforms and mobile scaffolding systems that are easy to use, durable and meet International Standards for safety.

We are well equipped with modernized ladder production equipments, testing equipments, and highly skilled technical force and accompanied with excellent professional technicians and managers. We have developed very strict quality policy and testing mechanism. To ensure delivery of flawless products to clients. We have also hired qualified quality supervisors who inspect every product individually for quality and features.

We are equipped with high-tech machines that aid us in undertaking voluminous production of huge assortment of Aluminum Ladders, scaffolding and other products. It is owing to the advanced production facilities that we can meet the bulk demands of the buyers within the stipulated timeframe.

DJ Construction of companies

Who we are


To assure safety measures in design and manufacture. To incorporate economy in design for maximum cost benefit.


We offer a ladder and scaffolding equipment related construction products. We have what you need, ready to deliver to your worksite.


Providing high quality products and services in reasonable prices. We deliver what we promise to the customers in time.

One of the main focuses of our company is,

rental, sales and service features are available.